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Brief intermission

// February 24th, 2010 // No Comments » // Behind the Scenes, CELL

It’s Wednesday and time for another episode of … wait. Not this week.

We’ve been working like mad to get each episode out on Wednesday and this week has been no different. We’ve dealt with changes in the score, sound problems, delays in the visual effects, you name it. The thing is…we deal with this every week. Even with all of these issues we try our hardest to put out the highest quality show we can. You, our viewers, deserve that. I’ve said many times that we’ve been doing this with tight schedules and hardly any money. Most of the people working now aren’t getting paid a dime. They’re doing this because they love the story and want you all to love it to. None of that gives us an excuse to release an episode that isn’t high quality. So we’re not going to.

This week as we were rushing to meet our Wednesday release, we realized there were some things that we weren’t going to be happy with. So instead of releasing it without the fix, we decided to take our time and fix it so that when we do release it next week it will be great.

I have to tell you episode 4 is my absolute favorite so far. The last thing I’d want to do is release it before it’s ready, because this episode is just good. I want you all to love it as well.

This week will be an extended break where you can watch a new behind-the-scenes video about our taser shot and our stunt coordinator Louis. Stay with us though. Next week we’ll be back and next Wednesday we’ll have a great episode for you all to watch.

Let us know what you think too. Drop by the forums and let’s talk.

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